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Building Envelope Services

Cannon Group provides the same in-depth investigative analysis for the exterior building envelope as provided for roofing and waterproofing. The building envelope contains numerous elements that need to work together for the building to remain weather tight. Cannon Group thoroughly inspects these components to assess and evaluate the assembly in order to provide the Owner a comprehensive report that will contain an itemized list of deficient items observed as well as an overall analysis and opinion of the expected service life of each component.

Cannon Group has experience in inspecting, evaluating, and testing the following systems:

Cannon Group's building envelope investigation begins with non-invasive, visual observations and may include thermographic imagining. Additional testing coupled with invasive probes may be employed to evaluate the existing systems and identify deficiencies that may affect the assembly's performance. is optimized for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Some content may not display properly in other browsers. Please consider upgrading to a browser that supports current web standards by clicking on either link.

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